Food and Drink

The college has a very clear policy on Food and Drink for all staff and students.

  • Food or drink must only be consumed in the refectories or in the coffee shop (and the tables directly outside these outlets).
  • Only food and drink bought in the coffee shop can be eaten in the coffee shop
  • Staff and students may eat cold food and sandwiches they have brought from home here. However, no hot food from town can be eaten here.
  • Water can be drunk throughout the building except in the IT suites.


Of course we would prefer you to care for your body and stop smoking, but if you do need to smoke, you should read these rules first:

  • There will be a designated smoking area at Ore Valley. Students and Staff must smoke within this area and not in the surrounding residential streets.
  • At Station Plaza, smokers must be outside the blue lines by the entrance to the college building when they light up. British Transport may arrest students smoking outside the train station, so be warned.

ID cards

All staff and students must wear their ID cards at all times whilst on campus. This is to protect everyone who works and studies here. If you forget your ID you will need to obtain a temporary ID card. If you forget your ID card three times or lose your ID card you will be asked to pay £3 for a new one.

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