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Ever Wondered What it is Like to be a Sussex Coast College Student?

Our Taster Days are the Best Way to Find Out!

Take your time to think about what you want to study after Year 11.

Read the list of taster classes below and click 'book here' to book your favourites.

Please arrive at our Station Plaza Campus before 9:00am for registration.

If you have subjects at different campuses we will provide free transport between sites. 


How to Book Your Taster Classes:

1. What School do you go to?

Your school has picked a taster day for you and your friends to attend:

  • Monday 2nd July - Robertsbridge Community College, Eastbourne AcademySt. Catherines's College and Saxon Mount.
  • Tuesday 3rd July - St Richard's Catholic College, Bexhill Academy, Ratton Academy and Rye Academy. 
  • Wednesday 4th July -  Claverham Community College, Uplands and Hastings Academy.
  • Thursday 5th July - St Leonards Academy and Hailsham Community College.
  • Friday 6th July - Willingdon, Cavendish School and Other

Some tasters only run on certain days, so please take you time to read through the descriptions.

2. Read the List Below and Choose 4 Classes

We have put all our taster classes in a handy list for you to pick from. Read through the list and choose 4 classes - ranking them from 1 to 4, with your favourite subject first.

Your taster day is structured into 4 classes (unless Art is chosen as this is offered as double sessions).

PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses run on all sessions.

3. Fill in the Taster Day Form (Closed - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Click the 'Book Now' button at the bottom of the list. You will be taken to the taster booking form.

Top Tip: Make sure you remember/write down your 4 choices. Your school will supply a postcard with all the details on it with your 4 subjects already populated.
Fill in the rest of the form and submit.

4. You're Done!

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your choices and a letter sent to your parent(s), carer(s) or guardian(s).

5. We will Send Your Taster Day Card to Your School With all Your Taster Day Classes

Your School will give you your timetable card just before your Taster Day.
Any problems, please do not hesitate to email Karen our School Liasion Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Choose 4 Taster Classes

Taster name Location Description

Art – Print Making

Station Plaza You will be able to design and create your own print designs, trying out multiple techniques and learning new skills to enhance your knowledge of printing.
A Level Biology Station Plaza Can we use ecstasy to treat depression? During this taster we we’ll explore the effect that this drug can have on the brain and whether it can be used to help people suffering with depression. 
A Level Chemistry Station Plaza Chill out with an interactive Chemistry session all about reactions that take in heat and energy. You will also be able to design your own product based on the reactions you perform.
A Level English Station Plaza Have you ever wondered why some songs are so catchy and memorable? Perhaps it’s the poetry of musical lyrics! During this taster we’ll look at the use of the English language in song lyrics.
A Level Business/Economics Station Plaza Is there profit in pies? During this taster we will challenge you to see who can make the most profit from running a pie company.
A Level French Station Plaza Le français est super! French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and will improve your employment prospects if you want to work internationally. During the taster you’ll brush up on your French vocabulary and join in with fun French word games.
A Level Geography Station Plaza Have you ever wanted to make sense the world and understand how humans and the earth interact? During this interactive session we’ll scratch the surface on this fascinating subject.
A Level Government & Politics Station Plaza During our taster session you will get involved with an interactive quiz looking at the landscape of UK Government & politics.
A Level Graphics Station Plaza Create your very own Art in a box. We’ll take a look at the great fire of London and one of the important diarists of that time, Mr Pepys, who hid his cheese in the garden. You’ll be able to design and create your own match box, complete with cheese!
A Level History Station Plaza During this taster session we will transport you back 600 years to lift the lid on how medieval society worked in England.
A Level Law Station Plaza What’s it is like to be a judge, we’ll give you different scenarios and you’ll decide whether they’re guilty or not guilty and decide on their punishment. There will also be a general knowledge quiz about the legal system.
A Level Maths Station Plaza Maths is fun! No, really, it is! During our maths taster we’ll show you a few ‘magical tricks’ and ‘golden rules’ that will help you with tricky maths calculations.
A Level Media Studies Station Plaza If you have a keen interest in TV, film, music, and games then you’ll love our Media A-Level. During the taster you’ll be given a selection of movie trailers to analyse, and then join in with a movie quiz.
A Level Philosophy Station Plaza Will you end up in The Good Place or The Bad Place? Take part in a series of thoughtful experiments and delve into moral philosophy.
A Level Physics Station Plaza During our Physics taster you’ll get involved with interactive demonstration of how physics is used in real life.
A Level Photography Station Plaza During this photography taster, we’ll explore a montage of photographs helping you different concepts, techniques and styles of picture taking.
A Level Psychology Station Plaza Your brain is the most powerful tool you own. During the psychology taster you’ll see exactly what your brain is up to. Using brainwave scanners, we’ll be able to see what brainwaves are and what they mean.
A Level Science Station Plaza Ever wondered about the dyes and pigments found in food? Come to an interactive food science session to find out about the colourings used in everyday foods.
A Level Sociology Station Plaza During the sociology taster session you’ll explore the reasons why girls seem to perform better than boys at school.
A Level Spanish Station Plaza Bienvenido! Take your Spanish to the next level through role play and word games, all about travelling and working in Spain and South America.
Bricklaying Ore Valley Pick up a trowel and start building! During our taster we'll teach you the skills you need to lay bricks and construct a wall. Your career in construction starts here.
Business Station Plaza Do you know your Adidas from your Apple? Well, during our Business taster we'll test your commercial knowledge with our 'Name that brand quiz', and see if you can spotfamous celebrities endorsing well known products.
Beauty Station Plaza Do you have a caring nature and enjoy helping others feel good about themselves? Learning the basic beauty techniques in filing, painting and hand massage, will set you well on your way.
Carpentry Ore Valley
Join us in our carpentry workshop and get stuck in with carpentry. You'll be able to have a go at constructing a 3D wooden puzzle, fit a door hinge and learn how the roof on your house was built.
Catering Station Plaza During our catering taster session, you’ll learn how to whip up basic pizza dough and decorate it with all your favourite toppings – you’ll even get to eat it afterwards!
Child/Health Care Station Plaza During the Health and Social Care taster we’ll take you under the sea. You’ll take part in a crafty team challenge to create an undersea picture, focusing on skills that children learn from taking part in these type of activities.
Engineering Ore Valley During our engineering sessions you’ll be able to have a guided tour of our fully functioning engineering workshop. You’ll be able to see all the machinery and understand its use. You’ll also be able to take a look at our new and improved welding bays, giving you a real insight into Engineering at SCCH.
Electrical Ore Valley Become an electrician. In this session you will have a go at wiring up simple circuits, like the ones you would find in your home, using industrial standard tools and techniques. 
Hair Station Plaza Have you always fancied being a hair stylist? Well, here’s your chance. You’ll be able to design and create a hair-up style on a tuition head during our hair taster session.
IT Ore Valley During our taster session you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world as you experience our VR demonstration. We’ll also have Xbox Kinect and Xbox 1 games competitions for you to try.
Motor Vehicle Automotive Centre If you’ve got a passion for cars and bikes and you are interested in vehicle technology then you’ll love our modern motor vehicle training centre. Come and have a tour of the workshops and try your hand at building an engine.
Music Ore Valley During our music taster, we'll discuss the concept of music. We'll explore the skills you need to listen to music in terms of playing and producing. You'll also be able to play and sing in our recording booth. Please bring headphones with you.
Painting & Decorating Ore Valley During our Painting and Decorating taster session you will get the chance to try your hand at some basic decorative paint effects such as Rag rolling and Sponge stippling.
Plumbing Ore Valley Bend pipes and connect the water supply! You'll be able to see what it takes to bring drinking water and central heating into our homes.
Public Services Station Plaza You’ll find out what it’s really like to be part of the public services as we’ll get you in formation to perform a basic drill, and test out your tent building skills.
Sport Station Plaza During our sports taster, we’ll put you through your paces with fitness testing in our gym. Sports kit and trainers are essential!
Travel and Tourism Station Plaza During our travel and tourism taster, we'll give you a flying visit of the world. You'll get an idea of the types of career you can have in the travel industry, take part in flight demonstrations, and put your holiday knowledge to the test with our guess the destination game.





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