Studying at university is a big financial investment. You’ll need to cover the costs of tuition fees and, if you’re living away from home, cover the costs of living.

You can take out tuition fee and maintenance loans to cover these costs and you will only start repaying your loan once your income reaches a certain level.

You can apply for these loans via www.studentfinancedirect.co.uk

Tuition fees for courses starting in 2017-18

Awarding body - University of Brighton
  • BA (HONS) 3 year programme UK students: £7500 per annum
  • BSC (HONS) Top-Up 1 year programme UK students: £7500 per annum
  • PGCE / Cert Ed courses UK students: £3000 per year (2 years)

(Courses with the University of Brighton might be eligible for Bursaries/Scholarships)


Awarding body - Edexcel 
  • HND: £5900 per annum
  • HNC: £2950 per annum

(Courses with Edexcel will not receive Bursaries/Scholarships)


International Students
  • HND, EU and non-EU: £7,900 per year
  • HNC, EU and non-EU: £7,900 per year
  • BA (Hons) Degree, EU and non-EU: £8,120 per year
  • BSC (Hons) Top-Up year: £8,120 per year

Registration Fee: £220

How Are Tuition Fees paid?

Higher Education fees are paid in three instalments over the academic year.

The first is payable at enrolment, followed by payments at the beginning of the Spring term and beginning of the Summer term.

If you have tuition fee loan these payments will be paid automatically to us, so you don’t have to remember these dates.

 Up-to-date information on fees and government funding can be found on www.brighton.ac.uk/money.

How to apply for a Student Loan

Student loans are available to pay for your university education through the Government.

There are two loans: one for your tuition fees and another for living coasts known as an Maintenance loan.

If you decide to take out a loan, these do not have to be re-paid until you start earning £21,000 a year.

For more information about these loans and how the Government can help you fund your education, please visit The Student Loans Company - www.slc.co.uk.


Depending on your circumstances and eligibility, we offer bursaries that you won’t have to repay.

For some people, university is the biggest financial commitment they’ll ever make.

That’s why we want to try and help you.

Please get in touch with our student support advisors to discuss further, call 01424 442222.


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