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A Level Biology

What will I learn?

During this two-year course you will develop a wider understanding into the living phenomena surrounding us.

Throughout the course you will be able to expand your knowledge about the millions of living organisms on this planet. You will learn to critically think and examine a number of modern day challenges that face us, such as saving endangered species, curing deadly diseases and feeding an ever-growing population. You will discover more detail about cells, molecules and enzymes, while figuring out what makes us who we are, and what is in our genetic code.

During the course you will learn about:

  • Cells
  • Molecules
  • Enzymes
  • Genes and genetic coding
  • Physiology
  • Social and ethical context of Biology

Your assessments will be entirely through exams.

What could I progress on to?

Completion of this course may facilitate access onto degrees courses in Medicine, Biology or Biochemistry. Alternatively, you could progress onto an apprenticeship or employment in laboratory-based roles.

There are a number of career opportunities available to you follow the course such as working in the field of medicine, becoming a physiotherapist, exploring zoology, entering into veterinary science, environmental health or even horticulture.

There may be some additional costs during the course for trips and visits to further your learning.

Additional Course Details for 18/19

  • Study Year Year 1
    Course code 1102
    Course name A Level Biology Y1
    Study mode
    Start date 10/09/18
    Duration 34 week (s)

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