Since 2013/14 the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) Funding Rules included a new requirement for all SFA funded providers to publish a Fees and Charging Policy that outlines the fees colleges and providers are planning to set for sub-contracting in each academic year.

The Sussex Coast College Subcontractor and Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 2015/16 below provides a comprehensive overview of the supply-chain fees and charges policy and also outlines the process that the college will use to secure subcontractors.

The policy and indicative supply chain allocations was reviewed and agreed at the College's Finance and Human Resources (F&HR) subcommittee of the Corporation in June 2015 and is being ratified by the full Corporation on 24th June 2015.

The college has secured its supply chain for the 2015/16 academic year but in the autumn of 2015 we will publish the process for applying to join the partner list including the due diligence documentation, business planning template and contract.

Sussex Coast College Subcontractor and Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 2017/18

Actual Funding Paid to subcontractors and Retained by the college in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015

Sub-Contractor Supply-Chain fees and charges policy 16-17

16-17 Partner Values

Subcontracted Provision Academic Year 2015/2016

If you are a training provider who is interested in sub-contracting with us, please fill in a New Partners Expression of Interest Form and return it to us.

Higher Education

The college may also develop additional Higher Education work with partners and this separate policy outlines the process for developing this with new or existing partners.

Higher Education Subcontractor Policy 2015/16

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