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Each week we welcome students from all over the world to come and study with us and experience the UK.

In January we welcomed a group of Brazilian students to stay with us for 3 months. The group were here to learn more about the tourism industry in the UK, learn a few tips from our catering lecturers, and improve their English.

The students, who are studying Tourism and Hospitality subjects at various universities in Brazil, were here to enhance their learning thanks to an International Qualification Programme (IQP), set up by the department of education in Brazil.

We spent a few minutes with the group to see what they thought about their time in Hastings.

“Hi, I’m Gabriella and I’m from Rio De Janeiro and this is my first time in the UK. In fact, it is my first time travelling abroad by myself, so it is a huge experience for me. I’ve been studying English and Tourism and it is very different from the way that tourism is taught in Brazil, but it is very good. I am learning a lot of things and I think it is very important to me, as a professional of tourism, to have this different view and learn a new approach.”

Paula is from Belem, in Northern Brazil and has found her time in Hastings really useful for practising English. She said: “It is very interesting being in Hastings and I am improving my English a lot. Usually I learn English by listening and watching a lot of TV series in English, but in Brazil I don’t get to practise too much because everybody speaks Portuguese. So it is good to be here.”

Brazil Brighton

Gabbi has also found her lessons very valuable. She said: “I love my lessons. The English lessons are really useful because I have discovered that I don’t know future tense very well. I now know there is more than one way to say something in the future tense. I really enjoyed the tourism and business lessons too. Our lessons were mainly in the classroom, but we also had chance to go into the fuselages to learn about cabin crew and flight procedures.”

Raoni and Willian are studying Hospitality and catering courses at university in Brazil and have really enjoyed cooking alongside catering lecturer, Jeff Jordan.

Raoni said: “My university course in Brazil is focused on academic studies, writing papers and studying, so it was really great to get a chance to do the hands on stuff. I’ve really enjoyed the practical side of this college, and think that it is great for the students to work and learn at the same time in Coast Restaurant.”

Willian, from Maceio, thought that the college has a great structure and the teaching methodologies were brilliant. He said: “The teachers are really friendly and we have been learning a lot from them. I’ve also enjoyed the challenges set by Jeff, as he would give us a recipe with a few basic instructions and we would have to follow it.”

 Brazil Blue Reef

Outside of class the students were able to take day trips to London, Brighton, Rye and Bodiam Castle, as well as explore the culture and history of Hastings.

Natalia is from Brasilia and really liked Hastings. She said: “Hastings is amazing. Although it is very different and colder than Brazil, I still love it here. Today we saw snow, and I thought it was amazing because I have never seen snow in Brazil. People here are very happy and polite, and it isn’t anything like we expected, for me, it is even better. We visited Bodiam Castle and I think that was my favourite because it has lots of history. We don’t really have castles in Brazil because our country didn’t really have medieval times.”

Vinicius, from Sao Paulo said: “We have been on quite a few trips with the college. For example we visited Brighton, Rye, and Bodiam Castle, and also went to local tourist attractions such as the Blue Reef Aquarium, Hastings Pier, and the True Crime Museum. It was very interesting to see how tourism works here.”

Lilia, from Patropolis City, was really keen to get involved with many of the activities outside of class and in the town. “It is my first time in the UK and I am impressed and amazed to be here. During our tour of the college, I fell in love with the art workshops, so asked if I could join the jewellery making class while I was here. I love the idea of making jewellery and it is a really nice class to attend. Hastings is so lovely and I was really interested in Fat Tuesday. It reminded me of a music festival that happens every year in my home city, so I was really excited to get involved with that. I was really pleased to be a volunteer and help carry out a survey for the organisers. It was great to see the community coming together and encouraging tourists to get involved.

 Brazil Bodiam

The students completed their studies at the end of March and head back to Brazil to finish their final year of study at university.

After university Natalia hopes to find tourism opportunities in the capital city. “When I go back to Brazil I think I will be a different person, because of the knowledge I have gained here. I will finish my course and then look to find work. This experience will really help me because the tourism field is very competitive, and hopefully I will be able to help develop the tourism in my town, and that was the point of this trip.”

Gabriella also hopes that the knowledge she has gained at SCCH will help her career. “When I go back to Brazil I will be a better student because we’ve had this amazing experience. I have improved my English and learnt new things about tourism by being able to see how it works in another country. The job market is so competitive in Brazil. Students always have to study more courses, gain more qualifications to stand out, and this is one thing that will help us.”

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