With 2018 just around the corner (where did 2017 go by the way), we start to look ahead to the New Year.

We want to try and bring a positive feel to the first top 5 of the year, so here are our top 5 things you should try and do at least once in 2018.

1, Volunteer

Giving monetary donations to charity is a fantastic gesture, but giving up some of your time to get involved and help out can often be even more valuable. There are lots of organisations in Hastings that would love your help, even if it is just for a couple of hours. You could volunteer to help the homeless, be a voluntary journalist at the Hastings Independent Press newspaper, or support the Foodbank social action project at King’s Church.

Hastings Foodbank

2, Say Yes more often

It’s so easy to say no. Making up an excuse to get out of something you’re not keen on doing is much easier than going out of your way and actually doing it. So in 2018 try to say yes in situations you would normally say no. We don’t mean saying yes to everything, or things that are no good for you, but try and say yes to those maybe-moments that you would probably say no. You’ll find loads of opportunities coming your way… and who knows, you may even enjoy it.


3, Learn something new

New Year, new you, and all that, but trying your hand at something new, whether it is a skill, joining a sports team, studying a part-time course, or downloading a free language app, can be great fun. Learning new things can be enjoyable and rewarding and will help to keep your mind active and healthy.


4, Be a tourist in your own town

Wherever you live, there is bound to be something interesting there. You may have lived there your whole life, but have you actually taken the time to explore? Your home town may not actually be as boring as you think. Spend a day doing the touristy things. Go to the tourist information centre, download a map, check-out Tripadvisor and go to the museum, go to art galleries, eat at the little side-street café, you’ll soon discover what makes your town so unique.


5, Try a new food

Food trends are constantly changing. No doubt we’ll see a whole host of new foods in 2018, so why not try some? A couple of years ago we had the cro’nut, basically a fried croissant decorated like a doughnut; then in 2017 people were drinking Cheese Tea. Ok, so you don’t have to be a trend setter, but how about revisiting some of the foods you never liked as a kid. Your taste buds change over the years, so perhaps you’ll really enjoy the gherkin in cheeseburgers, or maybe you fall in love with brussel sprouts, either way, expand your food horizons in 2018.


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