Arianna Petroli

Each week, students from all over the world visit the college to study and explore Hastings and the South East.

We thought we’d catch up with Arianna Petroli, who was studying with us for 8 weeks, to hear all about her time in Hastings.

“Ciao, I’m Arianna, and I’m 16 years old and I live in Milan.

I have been here for 8 weeks to improve my English and to get a taste of what college is like in the UK.

Sussex Coast College Hastings is really impressive. The building is very nice and big, with modern facilities including a gym and coffee shop.

Hastings is also very beautiful. It is quite different to Milan. In Milan there are lots of really expensive fashion stores, and it is also really busy, as you would expect from a large city. But I really liked how nice Hastings was. It is right next to the sea and seems quite peaceful. I was also really interested in the history of the town, particularly Hastings Castle and the Battle of Hastings.

My lessons at college were really interesting and enjoyable. College in the UK is quite different to school in Italy. I am almost 17 years old, but I’m in my 4th year at school, whereas, in the UK I would be starting college. That means I am used to bigger class sizes and also having to study more than 3 subjects. Students here choose 3 A-Level subjects, but in Italy I am studying 11 subjects.

I really enjoy learning English, so that was my main reason for coming to Hastings. My tutors were really good at helping me improve my grammar and help me to expand my vocabulary. Everybody spoke to me in English which really helped me to be more confident and speak more English myself.

During my free time I was able to visit nearby Brighton and London for day trips to see the sights and do some shopping. I also explored Hastings, used the college gym and took my host family’s dogs for a walk along the seafront.

I would recommend coming here to study English to anyone. I’ve had a great time, and it has been very worthwhile because I have improved my English. I was a little nervous before I came, because I was travelling by myself, but I was also really excited. The college helped me to settle in quickly and made it very enjoyable.

I’m now heading back to Italy to continue with my studies, but I won’t forget my time at Sussex Coast College.”

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