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Sussex Coast College Hastings has received a glowing report in its latest Ofsted inspection.

Her Majesty’s inspectors visited the college during the last week of term in 2017 and awarded a Grade 2, GOOD, rating across all areas of the college.

The report highlighted the high achievements of students in all subjects, which is well above the national average. It revealed that there is excellent progression opportunities for students and almost all of them can go on to further or higher education, training or employment. Students were also recognised for their exemplary behaviour and attitudes to learning.

Clive Cooke, Principal & CEO said: “I am delighted that Ofsted has recognised the great work my colleagues have done to secure the Grade 2 finding and am delighted for our students who are enjoying significant success on moving on to employment, university or further training. We have invested a lot of effort in ensuring our students gain worthy work experience to aid them in their pursuit of employment”.

“There has been a concerted effort to implement a carefully planned and highly effective staff development programme for managers and teaching staff and this has heavily contributed to an overall positive result”.

The report also highlighted the positive learning environment that has been created by leaders and managers.

Rt Hon. Amber Rudd MP said: “I am delighted to see that Sussex Coast College has been granted a grade 2 rating of ‘Good’ by Ofsted in their latest report. I would like to highlight the work of the staff who have improved the college from its grade 4 ‘Inadequate’ rating issued in 2012. I always enjoy visiting Sussex Coast College and look forward to seeing these improvements on my next visit.”

Ofsted recently changed the inspection framework to a more stringent and rigorous criteria meaning that colleges need to meet higher standards to achieve their grading.

You can read the full report here.


So we’re one month into the New Year and it’s still grey and miserable outside.

The five of us in the office are in total agreement about what to do when the weather is so rubbish; and that is go to the cinema and watch a film.

So that sparked the Top 5 for January. We treated ourselves to an extended coffee break and came up with our 5 must see films of 2018.


Ash’s pick

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Release date - 26 January

I’ve chosen Maze Runner partly because the film is out now, and considering I haven’t been to the cinema for ages, it means I can go and see it this weekend. Maze runner was one of those films that I expected very little from, but I actually loved. Based on the Maze Runner novels by James Dashner, the first two films were really good and set it up nicely for the third instalment (so if you haven’t seen part 1 and 2, then you need a little catch up before you go).

The basic storyline follows a group of teens trapped in a maze in a post-apocalyptic world. They have no idea what is beyond the walls, but over the duration of the two films they soon find out that it is no coincidence that they’re in the maze, and fight to free themselves and stay alive.

If this film is as good as the first two, then it should be a great watch.


Gem’s pick

Tomb Raider

Release date - 16 March

I love movies with a strong female lead - and they don’t get any stronger than Lara Croft!

I am really excited about the new Tomb Raider movie out in March. Watching my boyfriend play Rise of the Tomb Raider, I loved how Lara Croft lost everything, but then rose up to fight for her life and everything that she believes in.

This movie focuses on the mystery surrounding the death of Lara’s father. Croft then stops at no lengths to solve this 7 year mystery. Long gone is the Angelina Jolie look and style! Say hello to Alicia Vikander, a young independent lady who wants to form her own path.

This film will certainly help you face the brutal reality of life - survival!


Justin’s pick

Ready Player One

Release date - 30 March

I cannot wait to see this movie. It’s a mash-up of futuristic virtual reality game play and the best bits of the 80’s.

Based on the best-selling novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One is set in 2045 and follows a young man as he battles his way through a virtual reality game in search of a digital Easter egg that the trillionaire creator has hidden somewhere in the ‘OASIS’.

If you like retro, then you’re going to love this one. Old school computer game characters and a soundtrack from the best decade ever has set this one up to be one of the best films of 2018.


Karen’s pick

Ocean's 8

Release date - 22 June

I was a big fan of the original Oceans movies (not just because of George Clooney), so I’m excited to see what an all-female cast can bring to the table with this one.

Following a similar storyline to the original films, Sandra Bullock enlists the help of 7 other criminal masterminds to help pull-off the heist of the century to steal a $150,000,000 diamond necklace during a huge fashion event in New York.

I love Sandra Bullock, and I really enjoyed the all-female remake of Ghostbusters, so I’m expecting big things from this one.


Dan’s pick

Incredibles 2

Release date - 13 July

I thought that the first Incredibles movie was the most incredible movie of all time (pun intended). It had everything. Action, humour, love and explosions! What’s not to like? But the last film ended with the emergence of the ‘Underminers’, which left us (well, certainly me) wondering what will happen next.

So the second instalment will pick up where the other one left off, following the heroic family in the battle against evil. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how Mr Incredible will get on as a stay-at-home dad, trying to figure out how he can keep a lid on Jack-Jack’s newly discovered powers!

Sure to be one of the feel-good films of the summer – I’ll certainly be dashing to see it (last pun, I promise).


…And one that we’re all excited for:

Avengers: Infinity War

Release date - 27 April

It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for the third Avengers film. The Marvel Universe has kept us ticking over with a few character movies – but there is just something about getting the squad back together that gives us a few goose bumps.

So the Infinity War is set to kick-off big time in the first of two parts. Thanos finally arrives on Earth to claim the six Infinity Stones and take over the cosmos. The Avengers must put their Civil War differences aside, and come together to stop him.

Non-stop action, with a sprinkling of humour, will make this film unmissable.


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Eastbourne Academy Students

A group of Year 8 students from Eastbourne Academy got a chance to try out college for the day when they visited Sussex Coast College Hastings.

(2 minute read)

40 students from the secondary school in Eastbourne visited the college before the end of term to take part in lessons and join a talk about environmental issues.

The students took part in an A-Level Chemistry lesson, which educated them about biodegradable plastics and the oceans, they then heard about a number of environmental health issues during a Health and Social Care class, and before lunch they heard about contaminated land sites from Mel Lipsham from LEAP Environmental.

After lunch, the students made their way to the fourth floor to enjoy an environmental art workshop where they looked at the work of Tim Nobel and Sue Webster, a collaboration who use recycled materials to create pieces of art work. The students then had a go at creating their own sculptures using washed up materials from the beach, adding light to create a silhouette.

Zoe Delgado, Assistant principal at Eastbourne Academy, said: “The students thoroughly enjoyed their day at Sussex Coast College Hastings. The lessons were really interesting and helped the students to get a better understanding of a number of environmental issues. They had a really great impression of the college and thought building was amazing.”


With 2018 just around the corner (where did 2017 go by the way), we start to look ahead to the New Year.

We want to try and bring a positive feel to the first top 5 of the year, so here are our top 5 things you should try and do at least once in 2018.

1, Volunteer

Giving monetary donations to charity is a fantastic gesture, but giving up some of your time to get involved and help out can often be even more valuable. There are lots of organisations in Hastings that would love your help, even if it is just for a couple of hours. You could volunteer to help the homeless, be a voluntary journalist at the Hastings Independent Press newspaper, or support the Foodbank social action project at King’s Church.

Hastings Foodbank

2, Say Yes more often

It’s so easy to say no. Making up an excuse to get out of something you’re not keen on doing is much easier than going out of your way and actually doing it. So in 2018 try to say yes in situations you would normally say no. We don’t mean saying yes to everything, or things that are no good for you, but try and say yes to those maybe-moments that you would probably say no. You’ll find loads of opportunities coming your way… and who knows, you may even enjoy it.


3, Learn something new

New Year, new you, and all that, but trying your hand at something new, whether it is a skill, joining a sports team, studying a part-time course, or downloading a free language app, can be great fun. Learning new things can be enjoyable and rewarding and will help to keep your mind active and healthy.


4, Be a tourist in your own town

Wherever you live, there is bound to be something interesting there. You may have lived there your whole life, but have you actually taken the time to explore? Your home town may not actually be as boring as you think. Spend a day doing the touristy things. Go to the tourist information centre, download a map, check-out Tripadvisor and go to the museum, go to art galleries, eat at the little side-street café, you’ll soon discover what makes your town so unique.


5, Try a new food

Food trends are constantly changing. No doubt we’ll see a whole host of new foods in 2018, so why not try some? A couple of years ago we had the cro’nut, basically a fried croissant decorated like a doughnut; then in 2017 people were drinking Cheese Tea. Ok, so you don’t have to be a trend setter, but how about revisiting some of the foods you never liked as a kid. Your taste buds change over the years, so perhaps you’ll really enjoy the gherkin in cheeseburgers, or maybe you fall in love with brussel sprouts, either way, expand your food horizons in 2018.


Hollie and Mario Maths Challenge 2017

First and Second year maths students from Sussex Coast College Hastings took part in this year’s Senior UK Maths Challenge.

32 competitors sat the 90 minute, 25 multiple choice questions on Tuesday 7th November, and last week received their certificates from the UK Mathematics Trust.

Year 13 student, Mario Manalu, received the ‘Best in College' award and qualified for the Senior Kangaroo competition; while Year 12 student, Holly McDowall, received the ‘Best in Year’ award.

Maths Challenge 2017

18 students received certificates for their efforts; totalling 6 Silver and 12 Bronze.

The UK Maths Challenge is an annual competition for young people across the UK, which last year more than 675,000 entries from over 4,500 different schools and colleges entered.

Mathematics lecturer, Gary Young said: “The Maths Challenge is a great way to stimulate mathematical problem solving and I’m delighted and proud of the students’ achievements. Nationally, the top 60% of students in the senior category receive a certificate, so it is very pleasing to see many of our students doing so well.”

Princes Trust Team 11

Another group of young people from across Hastings and Rother have successfully graduated from the latest Prince’s Trust Team programme at Sussex Coast College Hastings.

(2 minute read)

Friends and family gathered on Friday 8th December to celebrate the successes of the 9 young people and hear about the personal journeys they have been on over the last 14 weeks.

The Mayor of Hastings, Judy Rogers, and Vice Lord-Lieutenant of East Sussex, Sara Stonor, were in attendance to celebrate and present them with a nationally recognised Certificate of Employment, Teamwork and Community skills.

During the programme, Team 11 travelled to Ashdown Forest for an action-packed 4-day residential trip, trying their hand at canoeing, rock climbing and a sponsored abseil to raise funds for their Community Project; helping to decorate the Ore Community Centre. The group also completed a two-week work experience placement of their own choosing, before returning to college to identify their next steps and participate in a CV and interview skills workshop.

Daniel Wilson, 21, said: “The residential trip to Ashdown Forest was so much fun. We had the chance to do some abseiling and go canoeing, and I loved it. I was lucky to get 2 work placements during Team; I spent a week working in construction, and the other week, I was helping to build theatre sets. The whole 14 weeks was an amazing experience and my confidence has grown so much. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, and for anyone who is stuck with life, I would recommend that they join Team!”

Amy Kilpatrick, Prince’s Trust Team Leader, said: “The Prince’s Trust Team programme continues to be an outstanding way to discover hidden talents of young people in the area. Everyone gels together really well and by the end of the 14 weeks, we’re like a small family. It’s inspiring to see their teamwork, community and employability skills flourish, giving them a great platform to get into whatever they want to do next.”

The Prince’s Trust Team Programme at Sussex Coast College is a free 14-week personal development programme for unemployed 16 – 25 year olds. It is designed to help get young people’s lives on track by equipping them with newfound confidence and skills to prepare them for the working world. If you would like to join Team 12 please register your interest via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01424 458 458.

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