All members of the Corporation are holders of public office and abide by the Nolan Principles of public life.

The Corporation has several different categories of members to reflect the community it serves; below is the current list of members.

The Corporation is currently looking to recruit new governors and always welcomes applications from interested members of the community to join the Corporation. If you wish to know more about applying you can download the following information or contact the Clerk by going to the Joining the Corporation page.

Corporation Structure

The Corporation has six committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee
  • Finance & HR Committee
  • Special Committee
  • Remuneration Committee

Corporation Members

Chair of Corporation
Tony Campbell, OBE KSG FRSA (also Chair of Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee and Remuneration Committee)

Vice Chair
Pat Farmer (also Chair of Finance and HR Committee)

Independent Members
Derek Stevens Chair of Audit Committee
Vic Kempner (Chair of Governance  Committee and Vice Chair of Audit Committee)
Simon Hubbard (Vice Chair of CQS Committee)
Susan Walton (Vice Chair Finance and Human Resources Committee)
Graham How
Diana Garnham (Vice Chair Governance  Committee)
James Harris
Caroline McKiddie

Clive Cooke

Staff Members
Debbie Baldock-Apps Staff (Support) Governor
Karen Cunnington Staff (Teaching) Governor

Student Members
Student President - Lucy Head, elected 1st August 2017

Coopted Governors
Roger Dennard (Audit Committee)
Paul Evans (Finance and HR Committee)
Ken Melsom MBE JP (Finance and HR Committee)

Clerk to the Corporation
Sarah Connerty 


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