Our Equality objectives for the period 2010-2014 are as follows:

  • To set targets against which to measure our improvement in regard to all nine protected characteristics
  • To use our Principals Performance Review (PPR) process to monitor our progress on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues and ensure that it delivers increased understanding and improved performance in this area
  • To develop appropriate Equality and Diversity impact measurements targets in all divisions and departments so that progress can be measured in all areas and functions of the College where improvement is needed
  • To develop performance indicators and quality measurements that enable us to monitor, improve and report our progress.
  • To develop our Equality Impact Assessment process to ensure that all new processes, policies and significant changes are fully assessed and that a plan for impact assessing existing services, policies and practises is introduced
  • To embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within all Teaching and Learning
  • To ensure all staff and students receive an induction programme which ensures an understanding of the legal requirements
  • To ensure the student admissions policy and process is audited annually and produce a report for SLT
  • To ensure that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion considerations are fully introduced in all our procurement of goods and services
  • To work with our partners and community to advance and promote Equality, Diversity and inclusion
  • To ensure the development of a curriculum that enables all sections of our community to raise their aspirations and achieve their maximum potential
  • To support learning programmes at appropriate and accessible levels for all potential learners, enabling progression
  • To promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the content and delivery of our learning programmes
  • To provide a learning and working environment which is safe and free of bullying and harassment on grounds of their appearance, background or protected characteristics
  • To provide a learning environment which is accessible to all
  • To work with local bodies, statutory or voluntary, to develop and provide a College which is central to the Hastings and Rother community and its regeneration programme
  • To support bidding for funds which will help us achieve these aims in partnership with others in the community
  • To actively participate in the moves to promote and regenerate Hastings and Rother as a place which welcomes people from diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs, and ways of living
  • To celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups who have helped to advance equality of opportunity.
  • To recruit, retain and develop a workforce that reflects the diverse nature of the locality and employ the very best staff available to enable us to reach our strategic aims
  • To implement a continuing professional development plan in Equality and diversity for all staff
  • To use positive action measures where necessary to help meet college targets

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