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My name is Sue Dineen.

I manage and deliver professional courses in accountancy and management, including professional accountancy programmes with a special interest/expertise in taxation.

I obtained an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and qualified with a city firm in London as a Chartered Accountant. I then worked in an accounting practice as a manager in charge of a group of clients for many years.

I have written accounting and payroll books.

I enjoy gardening - producing huge quantities of vegetables (in the summer I am surrounded by mountains of courgettes and have even made courgette jam!) I also play piano (I obtained grade 8 when young). I am still looking for some other musicians to jam with (would go with the courgettes…)

I have written a thriller, ‘Conspiracy’ and book of bedtime stories for children under the name Tamsyn Chambers. I made up these stories many years ago to help my small children to go to sleep and have recently had the book published (ask Waterstones for ‘Stay with me while I go to Sleep’.)

Whatever you do in life, always do your best. That way you will never regret anything. Do not expect everything to be given to you. Keep asking ‘Why?’ when you study a new subject.

My proudest moment is the number of our students procuring senior accounting positions or setting up in accountancy practice as a direct result of attending our AAT courses.

Sue Dineen

Curriculum Leader (Professional Adult Courses)

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